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The ESP Starter Pack concept was born from a novel idea of getting informal business formalised through minimal effort and online business incubation. A Starter Pack, as in the cellular and data industry suggests, is an enablement by purchasing a simple pack that can quickly help one get started and "topped-up" on a consumption basis. For formalising business, one needs to ensure the basic regulatory / compliance checks have been covered.

In many emerging markets and transitioning economies, "ease-of-doing-business" is a globally accepted indicator on whether it is easy for businesses to be set-up and run. The shorter the time period to open a business, the more accessible the means of opening businesses, and the availability of information and assistance towards running businesses sustainably, all contribute to how easy it is to open and run a business.

Businesses operating in low income informal sectors are usually informally run and are not fully recognised by regulatory bodies, unless basic compliance and formalisation of their businesses have taken place. Thus with recognition of "official" business, comes access to finance, markets and other factors that allow the business to grow and improve the sectors' economy.

The ESP Starter Pack idea is simply a base combination of items to formalise and informal business. As ESP is moving toward a non-profit model, our products are open to the middle income or higher, established businesses, and sponsorship. Proceeds contribute to the free-setup of identified small informal businesses. This is the ESP model of giving back to the communities that turn the economies.