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Making decisions as a Business Owner / Director or Board of Directors require a duty of care towards the company that are not often clear. 

An ESP Stakeholder Panel can provide a view that facilitates easier, more informed and ethical decision making by sharing knowledge from a combined pool of global cross-industry board-level experience. An ESP Stakeholder Panel is a panel of advisors selected on a voluntary basis or as independently elected non-executive board members without shareholding, on a case-for-case specific business basis. An ESP Stakeholder Panel Advisor is necessarily also an ESP Strategy Professional that has decided to give back to the development of inexperienced executives and directors, new businesses or business in need of a turnaround.

Selected ESP Stakeholder Panel advisory groups will be in direct contact with identified directors as arranged for through the ESP platform (specialised services can be found in the ESP Shop). There is no commission basis to referrals from ESP as these services are on a non-profit basis, the aim is for ESP to provide an open network for small businesses to prosper. However, only Stakeholder Panel's that are recognised by ESP qualifying criteria will be referred through the ESP platform.